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The Golden Rule

Addressing Harassment and School Violence: A Collective Responsibility for Our Educational Communities

General Objective

Create a school mediation workshop course for teachers, students, and parents to build trust, dialogue, tolerance, and respect in classrooms, fostering positive leadership that extends to homes and communities.


How Are We Going To Make It Possible

Particular Objectives

Raise awareness among students, teachers, authorities, fathers and mothers

Train student mediators to promote conciliation between peers.

Create awareness of the importance of conflict resolution through dialogue.

Strengthen the values of active listening, empathy, tolerance and understanding, for student  coexistence.

Ways to achieve social change

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Radio Poder.png

Periodical intervention of specialists in a Radio Poder and maintain an open forum, as well as inform about events where there will be participations of The Golden Rule campaign.
▪ Participant: Oscar Contreras


Training teachers to avoid abuse or discrimination and to detect any harassment situation in schools.
Authorize the intervention of the Dolphins group in the classrooms to give a 15-minute talk to the students to raise awareness of discrimination and bullying. 
▪ Participants: Juan Santacoloma, Ester Orellana, Saida Bouhajja, Marlen.

Chesterfield Police Department.

A.M.I.G.O.S. LEGACY depends on your commitment to volunteer in order to promote real change on the ground and in local communities. TheDolphin Group is a group of young volunteers trained to give talks to students in their classrooms. 
▪ Participants: Heydi Matamoros, Lisa Espina.


Any kind of help is well received, we will be honored if you decide to help us as you prefer 

Training for School Officials to detect situations of abuse, such as intervention talks inside classrooms with the Dolphin Group. 
▪ Participants: Officer Uribe as Liaison.

Talks and dynamics with groups of students in the first touch training camps.
Information stands at the first touch training camps during training sessions 
Participants: David Glass, Volunteers.

Together we can build a better community


We know that each person has their own belief system, however, promoting universal values can  only lead us to train better people and therefore, to create a better society:  respect, integrity, equality, freedom, justice, truth, tolerance, empathy, honesty...ting universal values in all areas where students develop.

We understand that there is much more to do and that we must do it as a community to build a  better future, with a better quality of life. 

We invite you to join forces to create synergy and unite wills to achieve lasting change.

We believe that this campaign should focus, in addition to the problem of bullying, on influencing  the root of the problem by promoting universal values in all areas where students develop.


“Treat others as you would like to be treated”

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