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Our Purpose

The project plans to endeavor social activities to share information that nurtures
individuals to implement positive daily habits, such as keeping mindful care of the
ecosystem, performing responsibly to improve their well-being and that of others,
and understanding the benefits of owning healthy eating habits.

The benefits

Let's show kids the wonders of nature and why farming is so important in our world. They'll learn how eating well, staying active, and understanding it all can make them feel awesome in body, mind, and soul!

Multilingual Functionality

In today's interconnected world, it's highly likely that you're engaging with individuals from various countries, thus our multilingual feature is designed precisely for this scenario. Use it to reach even more people and expand your horizons.

The project plans to

Let's get together for some social activities where we can share info that inspires positive habits, like taking care of our environment, being responsible for our well-being and others', and realizing the perks of eating healthy.

Our Footprint

The students are in for an adventure that'll teach them about responsibility, honesty, and how they're connected to nature. Amigos Legacy wants this program to help boost their self-esteem and get them excited about what lies ahead.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

What´s great about this program?

All Year
No Matter What


This program is divided into two dynamic semesters, each offering a unique and enriching experience

1st semester from April to July 

2nd semester from september to December

Choose Your Path with Us!


Discover our flexible program: five sessions for gradual plant progress or an inmmersive single session. 

Both options available at your school or a field trip to "La Markesita Park" with La Milpa. 

Explore learn and make memories with us!



Opening Ceremony


Compost Preparation


Connection with Nature


Culinary Demonstration


"My Plant, My Potatoes, and Me"

The project plans to

Students will directly experience the plant life cycle, learn about photosynthesis, understand the nutritional value of vegetables grown at La Milpa Farm, appreciate the significance of a healthy diet, and grasp the benefits of connecting with nature

You can change everything

With your help we can start building a new and better world today. 

Donate now and make an impact today

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