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We offer computer classes in Spanish on Saturdays. You can learn the basics of computers to create and edit documents in Word, send emails, use the Internet, make PowerPoint presentations, and much more. Time and location determined by Prince William County Library availability


Conversational English

As its name indicates, conversational English is what is used in everyday conversations, whether at work, with friends or other social contexts. It is natural and relaxed English, which may incorporate idioms or colloquial phrases, which are not usually taught in traditional English courses, coke and enjoy a good time, camaraderie while learning!  

¿What´s the meaning of this program?

This program is designed for people of all ages who have not yet been able to learn a new language to communicate with their family or friends, can do so in a fun and self-taught way, in this way, new job opportunities and social interactions can be developed to have a better lifestyle in general.

What we want to achieve with this program

Creating Bridges Between Countries

Breaking down cultural barriers that restrict access to more open-mindedness

Education & Lifestyle

Improving the lifestyle of every participant

Community Development

Creating a community able to learn from each other.

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