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Summer Programs


June 4th - July 18

What we do

AMIGOS Legacy steps in to provide additional support to both students and the broader community, recognizing the diverse needs within education and society. This initiative strives to complement existing educational resources and support systems, acknowledging the challenges faced by families and schools in fostering quality education and enhancing overall quality of life


Among Friends

Gain insights into matters that profoundly influence our daily lives and our interactions with the environment.


The Golden Rule

An initiative crafted to preempt complications with children and emphasize their well-being.


Arts & Craft Workshops

Cultivate your creative aptitude via participation in artistic endeavors and workshops.

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Little Farmers

Enhance your social skills while gaining knowledge in the field of agriculture.


Spanish Immersion

Embrace language, culture, community through interactive lessons, cultural experiences, and engaging activities


Spanish Class Field Trips

Conversational Spanish: everyday, idiomatic language for enjoyable learning.

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